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These short articles will help you to see the perspective of creation apologetics that Canoe Creation holds. They are not a typical blog where comments are bantered about, but are intended to open windows to look through and think about. If you have an interest in discussing these you may contact Canoe Creation via

Enjoying the Morning

by Amy Parker19 hours ago

At the creekside with Al early morning.A high, piercing bird’s cry breaks the quiet."Red Shouldered Hawk?" I ask."Yes... but Blue Jays are excellent at imitating them."Just a moment later the distinct "Pssschheeeer" of a Red-Tailed Hawk answers."Sounds like a territory...

A Flower is Formed (poem)

by Al Parker, 20095 months ago

A flower is formed with wild designWith bright intent on details fine.Here velvet shades and shining blush,There, darker grades and yellow flush.Your hand, Oh Lord, made them to see,Or to be seen by the likes of me.Your Word, so great,...

Done for a Reason

by Al Parker5 months ago

My wife, Amy, and I often sit along the creek behind our house. There, we talk of things of life and often of the wonders we see through the season changes. Gossimers glint in the beams of sun, walnuts have...

A Scarecrow in a Melon Patch

by Al Parker10 months ago

When I teach “Prove It” classes, one of the tenants is the idea that evolutionary theory really doesn't fix anything, solve anything, or make life better today for anyone.  Sure there are advances in genetic genoming, eye-surgeries, rocket engineering, and...