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River Rangers

1 day
Ages 11 to 13
$45 / person
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Whether standing in the flow and feeling the force of the river's current or racing toward a net to capture stream fish, this is the program for pre-teens that will excite and invite them into the adventure of getting into God's handiwork. Studying, capturing, and looking at the details of other living things shows each of us how carefully designed God's world is. Time alone with their Creator and His Word is built in. Grow in your canoeing skills and jump into the goofy fun!

Events this year:

June 14 River Rangers

River Rangers
June 15$45 per personAges 11 to 13
Dresden, OH
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Send to, or mail to 6400 Cutler Lake Rd., Blue Rock, OH 43720.
For families with 3 or more participants, ask about our special discount.

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