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Enjoying the Morning

by Amy Parker3 months ago

At the creekside with Al early morning.
A high, piercing bird’s cry breaks the quiet.
"Red Shouldered Hawk?" I ask.
"Yes... but Blue Jays are excellent at imitating them."
Just a moment later the distinct "Pssschheeeer" of a Red-Tailed Hawk answers.
"Sounds like a territory dispute," Al utters.
Looking up, our eyes delight to see the high limbs of the trees catching the first rays of the sun, and our ears are refreshed with the lively gurgle of the stream. Such life!
"I wonder if Red Shouldered hawks can detect the Blue Jay’s imitation," Al muses.
Walking out to the field we get to see the Red Shoulder as it screams over the treetops.
"He’s raising quite a commotion. Come see the donkeys, soaking in the sun.“
Sure enough, there were 6 or 7 of them on the hillside enjoying the morning as we were.
So thankful to get to live here, for Al’s thoughts, our kind neighbors and their farm, and for quiet before work.

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