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A Flower is Formed (poem)

by Al Parker, 20099 months ago

A flower is formed with wild design
With bright intent on details fine.

Here velvet shades and shining blush,
There, darker grades and yellow flush.

Your hand, Oh Lord, made them to see,
Or to be seen by the likes of me.

Your Word, so great, so mighty, so big,
I hesitate, You spoke the twig.

The bud, the petal, the veins, the scent,
The gentle, soothing taste of mint.

The many, the few, the blossoms come free
To glorify You to the likes of me.

How should I see them, these raucous flowers
In this walk here, in these short hours?

As the sun climbs high and burns off the dew
These colors will try to glorify You.

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