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A Scarecrow in a Melon Patch

by Al Parkerlast year

When I teach “Prove It” classes, one of the tenants is the idea that evolutionary theory really doesn't fix anything, solve anything, or make life better today for anyone.  Sure there are advances in genetic genoming, eye-surgeries, rocket engineering, and biological disease fighting, but these are founded in basic observational and experimental science.  The theory really does nothing to improve them.   Evolution also does not unequivocally, or scientifically support any other branch of science, but instead calls on all other branches of science to support it.  Yes, there are many ways that science-minded people call on evolution in their discussions while out on their scientific limbs, but have you ever noticed how it is only an add-on?  A by-the-way?  And a sometimes vacuous aside?  Nothing depends upon it.  It, on the other hand, demands that all other avenues of scientific endeavor must be constrained by its own existence.  If there is a finding that suggests another option, then that finding must be faulty.  

Now an old prophet once penned God's Words regarding idols and their construction and the worship that people gave them (Jeremiah 10).  As far as I know we don't carve wood and overlay them with gold and silver and then bow down to them and ask them for help.  So, I often wonder, what are our idols today?  What things does modern man construct and then pay homage to?  In mocking the ancient and impotent practice of idol making, God himself stated that they must be tacked up with nails to keep them from tottering over.  They can't even stand up on their own.  

Like a scarecrow in a melon patch, their idols cannot speak; they must be carried, because they cannot walk.

Jeremiah 10:5

It must be propped up and made to look alive.

Stop and think about that.  This theory does the same thing and in much of the science worldview, it does nothing to stand free on its own.  It requires all others to hold it up, demands all to give it support and allegiance, and decries anything that points to an alternative with near religious fervor (scaring off the crows?).  And what really gets me is that in most of the talks you may have with those who oppose God in favor of evolution, actually say things like, “You can't be a scientist and believe in God”, or “You choose to believe in God, but I believe in science”.  They speak these words as if they are on some kind of high horse.  They choose a moral ground of their own making.  All the while, they are admitting that they do have a faith, a religion, and a morality of human invention.  Sure, it may be minus the hunk of wood, gold overlays, and nails, but it has the same end point.

Tell them this:

These gods, who did not make the heavens and the earth, will perish from the earth and from under heaven.

Jeremiah 10:11

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